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Health and wellness has been a very big concern for everyone since the start of the pandemic. TABU Fitness have been tackling this issue since 2015. It's our mission it educate, train, and encourage everyone from young to young at heart about their physical awareness. 

Youth Strength, Speed, &   Agility Conditioning Eight Week Program

TABU youth program is by far the best program that can be brought to any city. Our certified strength and conditioning trainers provides a progression program to assist/educate kids in a progression level from 1 to 5 (with 1 being in most advanced level) to help them prepare for high school and avoid injuries along their fitness journey.


We also bring in retired NFL/Collegiate graduate ball players who will complete speed and agility classes to conduct, build, and establish a powerful mindset through workout making it very hard to help the kids build a powerful foundation well known to increase the best fighting spirit to give them an edge in life.


Forever Young Never Too Old

TABU's Forever Young class is a fun and full of laughter program for active seniors ages 55+. This is a fast paced interval class for active seniors looking to build muscular strength and endurance.


TABU loves all seniors so we also have the beginners senior programs which is the Never too Old class. In this class, we focus more on balance, resistance training, and sit and stay fit exercise using chairs.


Youth High Performance Tennis for Beginners

TABU Fitness is big on pushing tennis in the community. Tennis helps you deal with physical, mental, emotional and social challenges which in turn increases your capacity to handle stress. From alertness to tactical thinking, tennis enhances the neural connections in your brain. Kids who play tennis regularly get better grades and achieve higher in school. TABU's Youth tennis program is here to teach the basics of tennis which will help each child understand the game and learn fundamentals to play anywhere!


Island HIIT Class

Exciting and heart-pumping energetic class filled with beautiful music gets you moving to the driving rhythms of powerful live drumming. This High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class combines body, mind and spirit in the tradition of dancing from many regions of the world. Fun, energetic class with moderate to high intensity which includes a large variety of upper body, leg strength, and cardio exercises using stations. This class is for all fitness levels. 

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Let's Work Together

TABU Fitness is dedicated to increasing the knowledge of healthy habits to the community. Our expertise can go further with your help. If you would like to get more information or book us for your business, school, or community please contact us.

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